Monday- Friday

08:00hrs - 21:00hrs


08:00hrs - 12:00hrs


Monday- Friday

08:00hrs - 22:00hrs


08:00hrs - 15:00hrs


11:00hrs - 17:00hrs


By Arrangement


08:00hrs - 21:00hrs


Library Users:

  • 1 Should show Institute card on entry to the Library
  • 2 Are responsible for all items borrowed on your I.D card and for knowing the date when they should be returned
  • 3 Must renew or return all items on or before the date due back or earlier if asked to do so
  • 4 Must not lend your Institution Card to any other person. You should report lost card immediately
  • 5 Must never attempt to remove material which has not been issued to you.
  • 6 Must not deface, mutilate or damage any item of library material.
  • 7 Should not make noise in the Library.
  • 8 Must not smoke or eat in the Library.
  • 9 Furthermore, specific valuables such as money, IDs, cell phones etc should not be left in the baggage area or in bags.
  • 10 Students/library users must not bring into, or possess inside the Library building:A weapon, including firearms Inflammable or explosive article or substance,Any pet animal
  • 11 A student will not be granted access to any Institute Library building if he or she is under the influence of liquor or drugs.
  • 12 Cellular telephones may not be used when in the Library. Please turn off or place all cell phones on vibrate/silent prior to entering the library.
  • 13 If you do receive a phone call while in the library please take it in the hallway.
  • 14 Specific fines are imposed for breach of the above regulations.
  • 15 Should leave your bags and satchels in the baggage area. The Library will not be responsible for the loss of users belongings.


To enter the Library, one needs an Institutes I.D card or approved readers card. This rule is strictly enforced. There is an automatic security system at the Library exit. Please make sure all items have been properly borrowed before you leave.


Membership is restricted to registered students with valid Institute I.D cards, staff and approved membership(External users).

Use of the Internet

  • 1 Internet facilities are available to Library users:
  • 2 Surfing of obscene sites is prohibited.
  • 3 Theft of any of the computer peripherals is liable to prosecution.
  • 4 Students are not allowed to temper with control panels or to change computer settings. Heavy fines are imposed to offenders.
  • 5 Students are not allowed to interchange the Institute I.D cards or I.D numbers when logging on to computers.
  • 6 The Institute Library will not be responsible for the speed and quality of the response line.